Region  Indians Homes Jobs Transportation
Eastern Woodlands Powhatan Wood and bark Fishermen Hunters Farmers Walked, Paddled canoes
Plains Sioux Teepees Hunters Horsemen
Southwest  Pueblo Multi-story
Farmers Walked

Eastern Woodlands Region Plains Region Southwest Region

Powhatan --- Eastern Woodlands region ---Eastern U.S.-- including Virginia -- forests and rivers -- wood and bark homes- hunters, fishermen, farmers --walked, paddled canoes


Sioux --Plains Region—central U.S. –open grassland—teepee homes ---followed the buffalo --hunters, horsemen, warriors -- walked, rode horses


Pueblo --Southwest Region –dry, hot climate, --cactuses—farmers (irrigated the land) -- adobe (clay) multi-story homes -- walked (NO canoes or horses, NOT hunters like other tribes).

The Powhatan Indians lived in the Eastern Woodlands region (including Virginia). Forests covered  the land and a great variety of plants grew here because there was plenty of rain. The Powhatan Indians used the forests and the land around them in many ways. They built their homes from wood and bark. They hunted deer and many small animals (not buffalo) in the forests and gathered plants for food.     The Powhatan Indians used wood from the forests to build canoes.  They   traveled and fished in the region's many rivers and the Chesapeake Bay. They  farmed the land as well. 

The Powhatan Indians  adapted well to the land and the climate of the Eastern Woodlands. They used the forests for hunting and gathering food, and building their homes and canoes. The used the rivers and the Chesapeake Bay for fishing and transportation.


lithograph by Louis Kurz www.picturehistory.com

The Sioux (pronounced Sue) lived in the Plains region, in the central part of the U.S. The land was open and flat with very few trees or  forests.  Herds of buffalo roamed through the tall grasses of the Plains. The Sioux  Indians  followed  the herds and hunted the buffalo.

Their  teepee homes, made from buffalo skin, were light and easy to move.  The Sioux traveled on horseback. The Sioux were warriors who often rode their horses into battle with other tribes.



The Pueblo Indians lived in the Southwest region. Cactuses grow well in this hot, dry desert climate. In order to farm the land, the  Pueblo Indians had to irrigate (bring water into) the desert.


The Pueblo Indians didn't roam around like the Sioux. They  lived in villages in multi-storied homes made from adobe clay, farming the land around them year after year.  They didn't have horses like the Sioux, or rivers to travel on like the Eastern Woodlands, so walking was their only means of transportation.