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SOL 5.3 Light - Activity Page
 Reflection, refraction, opaque, transparent, translucent, and the visible spectrum

Light and Sound

Light & Shadows


Pop up quiz

Light and Sound

Matching Game

Millionaire  Game

Light & Dark

Light Printable Review Packet

Answer Key

Try this!
Learn & answer questions about light

BrainPOP Movie

Walk the Plank
Quiz game

Save your skin!

Colors of Light
Explore lighting colored objects with colored light

Photons & Wavelength
Change wavelength to change color. Increasing intensity increases the number of photons

BrainPOP Movie

Opacity, transparency & translucence
See the effect of different materials on a ray of light

Transverse & Compression (longitudinal) waves

Try this to learn the difference


Refraction Gizmo

Prism Gizmo

Optics Workbench

Electromagnetic Waves