USII.8a  The Civil Rights Movement & the Changing Role of Women

The student will demonstrate knowledge of the key domestic issues during the second half of the twentieth century by
a) examining the Civil Rights Movement and the changing role of women;

What were some effects of segregation on American society?

Some effects of segregation
• Separate educational facilities and resources for white and African American students
• Separate public facilities (e.g., restrooms, drinking fountains, restaurants)
• Social isolation of races

How did the African American struggle for equality become a mass movement?

How did the law support the struggle for equality for African Americans?

Martin Luther King, Jr.—Passive resistance against segregated facilities; “I have a dream…” speech
Rosa Parks—Montgomery bus boycott
• Organized protests, Freedom Riders, sit-ins, marches
• Expansion of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
Civil Rights Movement
• Opposition to Plessy v. Ferguson—“Separate but equal”
Brown v. Board of Education, desegregation of schools

Civil Rights Act of 1964
Voting Rights Act of 1965

How were women disadvantaged in the workplace?

What actions were taken to improve conditions for women?

Women activists were inspired by the achievements of the Civil Rights Movement and took action to gain equality for themselves, particularly in the workplace.

Changing role of women
• Workplace disadvantages
Discrimination in hiring practices against women
Lower wages for women than for men doing the same job.
• Improved conditions
– National Organization for Women (NOW)
Federal legislation to force colleges to give women equal athletic opportunities
– The Equal Rights Amendment, despite its failure, and a focus on equal opportunity employment created a wider range of options and advancement for women in business and public service.

USII.8b New Technologies and Impact on American Life

The student will demonstrate knowledge of the key domestic issues during the second half of the twentieth century by
b) describing the development of new technologies and their impact on American life.

Which industries benefited the most from the new technologies?

What impact did the new technologies have on American life?

Industries benefiting from new technologies
• Airline industry—Jets
• Automobile industry and interstate highway system
• Entertainment and news media industry
• Exploration of space
• Computer industry
• Satellite system— Telecommunications (pagers, cell phones, television)
• Internet

Impact of new technologies on American life
• Increased domestic and international travel for business and pleasure
• Greater access to news and other information
• Cheaper and more convenient means of communication
• Greater access to heating and air-conditioning
• Decreased regional variation, resulting from nationwide access to entertainment and information provided by national television and radio programming,  Internet services, computer games