USII.8b New Technologies and Impact on American Life

The student will demonstrate knowledge of the key domestic issues during the second half of the twentieth century by
b) describing the development of new technologies and their impact on American life.

Which industries benefited the most from the new technologies?

What impact did the new technologies have on American life?

Industries benefiting from new technologies
• Airline industry—Jets
• Automobile industry and interstate highway system
• Entertainment and news media industry
• Exploration of space
• Computer industry
• Satellite system— Telecommunications (pagers, cell phones, television)
• Internet

Impact of new technologies on American life
• Increased domestic and international travel for business and pleasure
• Greater access to news and other information
• Cheaper and more convenient means of communication
• Greater access to heating and air-conditioning
• Decreased regional variation, resulting from nationwide access to entertainment and information provided by national television and radio programming,  Internet services, computer games