Spring 2009 Released Test -- GRADE 3 READING


Directions: Read the story and answer the questions 1 - 9.


1. It was Monday! Today, Mr. Romo would stand in front of the class and read a list of special jobs. He wanted each student to try a different job every week. Jocelyn liked Mondays because she enjoyed the different jobs. Her favorite, though, was Computer Helper. She loved helping other students use the computer.
2. Jocelyn looked at a table near the window. On top of the table was a big cage. Inside the cage was a bunny named Wiggles. Taking care of Wiggles was the one special job Jocelyn didn’t want.

3. Jocelyn liked Wiggles, but she just didn’t know how to take care of him. She watched her classmates feed him and clean his cage. Jocelyn didn’t know how they made caring for him seem easy. All she knew was that it would never be easy for her.

4. At the front of the room, Mr. Romo had only two special jobs left: Lunchroom Leader and Bunny Buddy. Jocelyn held her breath. Then she heard Mr. Romo say her name, followed by “Bunny Buddy.”

5. Mr. Romo walked towards Jocelyn’s desk, and there was only one thing she could say. “I can’t be the Bunny Buddy!”

6. Mr. Romo looked surprised. “Why not?” he asked.

7. Jocelyn lowered her eyes. “I don’t know how to take care of Wiggles. What will happen to him if I do something wrong? I have never had to take care of a real, live animal,” she said.

8. When Jocelyn looked up, Mr. Romo was smiling. “That’s why I have printed directions. The list will show you how to take care of Wiggles,” Mr. Romo said as he handed the paper to Jocelyn.

9. Jocelyn slowly walked over to the cage where Wiggles lived. Wiggles hopped up to the side of the cage where she was standing, as if to tell her hello. While Jocelyn watched him, he sat there wiggling his nose and looking at her. “Wiggles, will you forgive me if I mess up?”

10. Wiggles seemed to understand, and Jocelyn knew that everything would be all right.

11. By the end of the day, Jocelyn had two favorite jobs.


Directions: Read the article and answer the questions 10 - 17.


1 Have you ever stayed up late one night? Did you feel tired the next day? Did you feel grouchy? It is because your body missed its sleep! So why does a good night’s sleep make you feel better?

2 Scientists have studied sleep to find the answer to this question. They have found some different reasons. First, sleep helps your body stay healthy. Even though you are sleeping, your body is still active. Sleep gives your body a chance to repair itself. New cells grow while you sleep. Your muscles and bones grow too!

3 Sleep also helps your body to rest. How? Your body does not need as much energy when it slows down. The beat of your heart and your breathing rate become slower, which lowers your body’s energy level. Your body needs rest after a busy day.

4 Sleep is important for your brain too. During the day your brain gathers information. Whether you read a book, taste an orange, or hear a song, your brain stores this information. At night while sleeping, your brain reviews
everything that you did during the day. It saves some of your experiences so you can remember them. Some scientists think all this reviewing causes you to dream.

5 What happens if you do not have enough sleep? People who miss too much sleep have trouble paying attention. They make more mistakes in their work. Scientists believe that people who miss more than three days of sleep may become sick and even start seeing something that is not really there.

6 Most students need between ten and eleven hours of sleep each night. What can you do to help give your body a good night’s sleep?


1. Run and play outside during the day.
2. Drink a glass of milk before going to bed.
3. Go to bed on time.
4. Read a book in bed.
5. Have a dark, quiet room.

7 Follow these steps and you will begin to feel rested and happy. Nothing else will help your body like a good night’s sleep!


Directions: Read the homework paper and answer the questions 18 - 25.


What is an ALL ABOUT ME box? It is a box that tells about you. It explains who you are and what you like.

• A shoebox. The box should be a large, adult-size shoebox. The lid of the box should be left off.
• Scissors
• Glue
• Tape
• Colored markers and paint
• Some of your favorite objects
• Picture of yourself

1. Color or paint the inside of your box.

2. Turn your box on its side so that it has a floor, a roof, two sides, and a back.

3. Put your name and a picture of yourself inside the box. Use markers to write your name neatly.

4. Now think of what makes you special. What do people think of when they hear your name? Here are a few examples:

* Do you take piano lessons? If so, you could cut out a picture of a piano and tape or glue it in your box.
* If you like to watch TV, draw a little box and make it look like a television.
* Do you like to play sports? Place a small baseball in your box. You could also glue a picture of a basketball player inside your box.
* If you like playing at the beach, put a little sand shovel in the box.
* Glue a picture of a place you have visited.
* Make a list of your favorite foods and place that in your box.
* Draw a picture of your pet on the inside of the box.
* Add the name of a book or game you like.
* Put a small, favorite toy in your box.
* Glue a photo of yourself with a friend or family member.

Use your imagination to think about new and interesting ways to tell people about yourself. You will see how much fun it is to make your ALL ABOUT ME box!

Bring your project in next week to share with your classmates.


Directions: Read the story and answer the questions 26 - 35


1 It was the first week of Mike’s summer vacation. Mom and Dad told him that they needed to talk to him. “Charlie hurt his foot and can’t work for two weeks,” Dad said. Charlie was Dad’s helper on the fishing boat. Dad trapped crabs in cages and sold them to stores.

2 Mom said, “Dad thought you might be able to work with him on the boat until Charlie’s foot heals. We know you had plans with your friends this summer, but Dad really needs your help.”
3 Mike thought about what his mom said. He knew Dad was busy and would really need the extra help. “Sure, Dad, I would love to work with you,” Mike replied.

4 Dad and Mike left early the next morning. First, Mike put bait in the metal crab cages. When they reached the right spot, Dad and Mike threw the baited crab cages over the edge of the boat. “This is a tough job,” Mike thought. He kept working, though, and did not stop until the last cage was in the water.

5 After an hour had passed, it was time to check the cages. They pulled the first one up into the boat. There was nothing, not one single crab. Mike’s heart sank a little. However, as they pulled up the other cages, they found
more and more crabs. Mike was so excited.

6 Dad was proud of Mike’s hard work and had a special reward for him. “This time it is your turn to steer the boat back to shore.” Dad had shown him how to do it before, and now Mike was able to show off what he learned. It was
late afternoon by the time they returned home. Mom had dinner ready for them, but Mike was so tired he went straight to bed.

7 The next morning Mike’s arms hurt from lifting the cages. He had such a good time with Dad, though, that he wanted to keep helping him. Once again, he came home very tired and half asleep. The two weeks passed, and
Mike’s aches and pains slowly went away. One day they saw Charlie standing on the docks, the place where boats are kept. “It looks like he’s ready to come back to work,” Dad said.

8 Mike stared at the boat. He enjoyed being out on the ocean and spending time with Dad. “May I come too?” he asked.

9 Dad looked surprised and said, “Sure, I would love for you to come along. Charlie, do you mind?”

10 Charlie grinned and said, “I’m always willing to have extra help.”

11 They all jumped aboard the boat and headed off to the ocean. The rest of the summer would prove to be a great one for all three of them.