Read the recipe and answer questions 1 - 7.

Dirt is very useful in planting gardens and building roads. Did you know there is a kind of “dirt” that you can eat? It is a dessert called dirt cake. This tasty treat is fun and easy to make.

flower.pngItems to Make the Cake:
1 package of chocolate cookies
1 stick of butter
1 package of soft cream cheese
2 small boxes of instant chocolate
pudding mix
3 cups of milk
1 container of whipped cream
15 candy worms
Supplies You Will Need:
A one-gallon plastic bag
A rolling pin
1 large bowl
Measuring cups
An electric mixer
1 big wooden spoon
1 new medium-sized flowerpot (This will be used in place of a pan.)
3 new plastic flowers
What You Will Do :
  1. Put the cookies into the plastic bag. Tightly close the bag.
  2. Press the rolling pin over the bag to crush the cookies into crumbs. You will use these crumbs later as the “dirt” in the dessert.
  3. Place the butter and cream cheese in a large bowl. Ask an adult to help you use the mixer. Blend the butter and cream cheese until the mixture is smooth.
  4. Next add the milk, chocolate pudding mix, and whipped cream to the bowl. With a wooden spoon, stir the mixture until it looks creamy.
  5. Then place 1/2 of the cookie crumbs into the bowl and stir well.
  6. You can now pour this mixture into the flowerpot.
  7. Cover the top of the mixture with the remaining cookie crumbs.
  8. Carefully tuck the candy worms into the top of the cake. Stick the plastic flowers around the worms.
  9. Put your cake in the refrigerator for about three hours.

Your cake will look like a real plant with dirt, worms, and flowers. The cake will serve about fifteen people. It will be the best “dirt” you will ever eat!