GRADE 3 READING -- Spring 2009 Released Test - Passage 2


Directions: Read the article and answer the questions 1 - 8..

1 Have you ever stayed up late one night? Did you feel tired the next day? Did you feel grouchy? It is because your body missed its sleep! So why does a good night’s sleep make you feel better?

2 Scientists have studied sleep to find the answer to this question. They have found some different reasons. First, sleep helps your body stay healthy. Even though you are sleeping, your body is still active. Sleep gives your body a chance to repair itself. New cells grow while you sleep. Your muscles and bones grow too!

3 Sleep also helps your body to rest. How? Your body does not need as much energy when it slows down. The beat of your heart and your breathing rate become slower, which lowers your body’s energy level. Your body needs rest after a busy day.

4 Sleep is important for your brain too. During the day your brain gathers information. Whether you read a book, taste an orange, or hear a song, your brain stores this information. At night while sleeping, your brain reviewseverything that you did during the day. It saves some of your experiences so you can remember them. Some scientists think all this reviewing causes you to dream.

5 What happens if you do not have enough sleep? People who miss too much sleep have trouble paying attention. They make more mistakes in their work. Scientists believe that people who miss more than three days of sleep may become sick and even start seeing something that is not really there.

6 Most students need between ten and eleven hours of sleep each night. What can you do to help give your body a good night’s sleep?


1. Run and play outside during the day.
2. Drink a glass of milk before going to bed.
3. Go to bed on time.
4. Read a book in bed.
5. Have a dark, quiet room.

7 Follow these steps and you will begin to feel rested and happy. Nothing else will help your body like a good night’s sleep!