GRADE 3 READING -- Spring 2009 Released Test - Passage 3


Directions: Read the homework paper and answer the questions 1 - 8

What is an ALL ABOUT ME box? It is a box that tells about you. It explains who you are and what you like.

• A shoebox. The box should be a large, adult-size shoebox. The lid of the box should be left off.
• Scissors
• Glue
• Tape
• Colored markers and paint
• Some of your favorite objects
• Picture of yourself

1. Color or paint the inside of your box.

2. Turn your box on its side so that it has a floor, a roof, two sides, and a back.

3. Put your name and a picture of yourself inside the box. Use markers to write your name neatly.

4. Now think of what makes you special. What do people think of when they hear your name? Here are a few examples:

* Do you take piano lessons? If so, you could cut out a picture of a piano and tape or glue it in your box.
* If you like to watch TV, draw a little box and make it look like a television.
* Do you like to play sports? Place a small baseball in your box. You could also glue a picture of a basketball player inside your box.
* If you like playing at the beach, put a little sand shovel in the box.
* Glue a picture of a place you have visited.
* Make a list of your favorite foods and place that in your box.
* Draw a picture of your pet on the inside of the box.
* Add the name of a book or game you like.
* Put a small, favorite toy in your box.
* Glue a photo of yourself with a friend or family member.

Use your imagination to think about new and interesting ways to tell people about yourself. You will see how much fun it is to make your ALL ABOUT ME box!

Bring your project in next week to share with your classmates.