1. A sound will travel fastest through -

2. Compared to a soft sound, a loud sound has -

3. Which statement about sound waves is NOT correct ?

4. What is the relationship between a sound's frequency and its wavelength?

5. A typical sound made by a tuba has these characteristics -

6. A technology used by subs and ships to "see" the ocean floor with the aid of reflected sound waves -

7. A high-pitched sound has a -

8. By comparison, smaller things (puppies, babies, piccolos) and shorter or thinner strings produce sounds that are of a -

9. How fast a sound source is vibrating determines the sound's -

10. The wavelength can be determined by measuring -

11. What could be said about the sound produced in space by two colliding meteors?

12. Why does the tapping of keys, the plucking of strings and the blowing of air produce deep, rich sounds we call "music"?

13. One windy day the Tacoma Narrows Bridge began to sway more and more violently until it collapsed. The reason for this disaster was -

14. Physicians bounce sound waves to "see" inside the human body. This technology is called:

15. When you tighten or shorten a violin string, what happens to the sound?