Federalism Fling (SOL CE.7)

1. The U.S. Constitution establishes a ____ form of government.

2. Although the principle of federalism divides power between the states and the national government, it also establishes that -

3. Under the U.S. Constitution, the powers NOT given to the national government - -

4. The powers of the local governments in Virginia -

5. Which level of government conducts foreign policy and regulates trade?

6. Which level of government PRIMARILY promotes public health, safety and welfare?

7. Which branch of government carries out the laws of Virginia, prepares the biennial (every other year) budget for the General Assembly, administers the state bureaucracy, and grants pardons?

8. Which branch of government makes laws for the nation, approves the annual budget and approves presidential appointments?

9. Why do we have a separation of powers between the three branches of government?

10. Checks and balances limit the power of each branch of government. Which is NOT a legislative branch check on either the executive or the judicial branch?

11. Which is NOT an executive branch check on the power of either the legislative or the judicial branch?

12. Which is NOT a judicial branch check on the legislative or the executive branch?

13. How has the division of power between state and national governments changed over time?

14. State leaders and citizens often complain when states are given no extra funding to carry out federal _________ .

15. How long is an elected governor's term of office?

16. The lieutenant governor and the attorney general are --