The Challenge

The computer chops up a message into chunks. Your task is to rearrange these chunks and reconstruct the original message.

What You See

  • There is a strip on top of the display area. Underneath this strip, you see several chunks from the chopped up message, arranged in a random order. All chunks contain the same number of characters (including blank spaces and punctuation).
  • At the bottom of the display area you will see four control buttons (Stop, Help, Play, and Pause), level buttons (if there is more than one level), a count-down timer, and a score box.
  • At the bottom right side of the display, you will see a column of feedback rectangles that show the number of items in the game. During play, the feedback rectangles change to green to indicate that your response is correct or red to indicate that you have run out of time.

How to Play

  • Review the chunks. Drag the chunks and attach them to each other to forms words, phrases, and parts of sentences.
  • Locate the beginning of the message. Drag this chunk and drop it at the beginning of the strip. Drag and drop other chunks in the correct order to reconstruct the sentence.
  • The timer will count down while you are working on the task.
  • When you successfully complete the task, you will hear a positive sound. The feedback buttons will turn green.
  • If you run out of time, you will hear a negative sound. The feedback buttons will turn red. The correct message will be displayed on the strip.
  • Then the next item will appear. The same procedure will be repeated with each of the remaining items.
  • The game will end after the final item.
  • Click "Play Again" to replay the game. Each time you play, you get different items in a different order.