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The following questions will test your knowledge of the history of Virginia. Select each answer from the drop down list provided, then check your score at the bottom to see how well you've done.

1. In what year was Jamestown founded as the first permanent English settlement?

2. When did African Americans first arrive at Jamestown?

3. When did Abraham Lincoln become President?

4. Who gave a charter to the Virginia Company of London, giving them a right to establish a settlement in North America?

5. What Virginia document, written by George Mason, stated that all Virginians should have rights? (The Declaration of_______________)

6. The arrival of this group on the brideship in 1620 made it possible for settlers to establish a more permanent settlement

7. Large numbers of African Americans were brought in the colony against their will to work as slaves on __________.

8. The American victory at Yorktown resulted in the surrender of the English army bringing an end to what war?

9. What document states that authority to govern belongs to the people? (The Declaration of________.)

10. The Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom says that all Virginian's should be free to ____________ as they please.

11. What was the name of the unfair poll taxes and voting tests that were established to keep African Americans from voting?

12. The Civil War ended at _____________ where General Lee surrendered to General Grant.

13. West Virginia was formed because of the conflict between the eastern and western counties. Eastern counties relied on_________.

14. Where was the capital of the Confederacy?

15. Who were the first people to live in Virginia?

16. Which of the following was a right stated in the Virginia Declaration of Rights?

17. Who won the Civil War?

18. Who initiated trading relationships with the Powhatan Indians?

19. Who helped the delegates at the Constitutional Convention to agree on the plan for government?

20. What did slaves NOT need after the Civil War?

You need 75% to pass and your score is:


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