Answer key - Issues Divide the Nation
1. c. slavery and states' rights
2. b. urban
3. b. some people farm, but most hold jobs in towns and cities
4. b. agricultural
5. c. in small villages and on farms and plantations
6. a. more expensive
7. a. wanted
8. b. foreign competition
9. b. opposed
10. a. more expensive
11. a. stop buying cotton from the South
12. c. states’ rights versus strong central government.
13. b. the North favored a strong central government and the South proclaimed states' rights
14. a. pass laws that hurt the South
15. b. states' rights
16. a. Southerners
17. b. Northerners
18. c. state governments
19. b. Southerners
20. c. for moral reasons
21. b. they believed it would destroy the region's economy
22. a. Lincoln and many Northerners
23. b. Most Southerners