VA History Mini-quiz -- Jamestown and Charters Name ________________________
1. England wanted a colony in North America:
     a. to help ease overcrowding in England
     b. to learn more about American Indians
     c. to increase her wealth and power

2. Below are 3 reasons England thought a colony would increase her wealth and power. Which is NOT one of those reasons.
     a. England hoped to find gold and silver in America
     b. England wanted to import raw materials like lumber from America
     c. England wanted Indians to work in English factories
     d. England wanted a new market for English goods (a new place to sell English goods)

3. In the 1600s, countries in Europe competed for wealth and power by:
     a. making friends with other countries
     b. expanding their empires around the world
     c. growing many different crops

4. Most of the settlers came to Jamestown to:
     a. practice their religion without interference
     b. find gold and silver; become wealthy
     c. learn about American Indians

5. Jamestown was primarily:
    a. an accidental discovery
    b. a religious venture
    c. an economic venture

6. Jamestown was an "economic venture". The purpose of establishing a colony was to:
     a. provide adventure
     b. grow crops
     c. make money for England

7. Who paid for the settlement of Jamestown?
     a. the king of England
     b. the parliament of England
     c. the settlers themselves
     d. the stockholders of the Virginia Company of London

8. Who had the power to grant charters allowing settlement in North America?
     a. the English Parliament
     b. the King of England
     c. the stockholders of the Virginia Company of London
9. The charters allowing the settlement of Jamestown were granted by the King of England to:
     a. the Virginia Assembly
     b. the Virginia Company of London
     c. Christopher Newport

10. The Charters gave the Virginia Company of London the right to:

     a. build ships
     b. establish a settlement in North America
     c. keep all the gold and silver found in Jamestown

11. The Charters gave the Virginia Company of London the right to establish a settlement in North America. The Charters also:
     a. allowed fishing in North America
     b. gave English rights to the colonists
     c. gave lots of money to the colonists

12. Jamestown was founded in:
     a. 1492
     b. 1607
     c. 1776
     d. 1993

13. Jamestown was the _________ English settlement in North America.
     a. first
     b. only
     c. first permanent (lasting)

14. Where was Jamestown located?
     a. On the York River
     b. On a narrow peninsula, bordered on three sides by the James river
     c. On a narrow peninsula, bordered on three sides by the Chesapeake Bay

15. Listed below are three reasons the settlers chose the Jamestown location. Which of the answers below is not one of the reasons?
     a. The location on the James River could be easily defended from attack by sea
     b. The water along the shore was deep enough for ships to dock
     c. The settlers thought the site had a good supply of fresh.  (It turns out they were wrong)
     d. The settlers were so eager to start farming they chose the first spot they came upon.

16. Mark on this map the approximate location of Jamestown.