Standard LS.4
Basic Needs of Organisms
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Standard LS.4
Basic Needs of Organisms

Standard LS.4
The student will investigate and understand that the basic needs of organisms must be met in order to carry out life processes. Key concepts include
a) plant needs (light, water, gases, nutrients);
b) animal needs (food, water, gases, shelter, space); and
c) factors that influence life processes.


Plants exhibit needs for light and other energy sources, water, gases, and nutrients.

Animals exhibit needs for food, water, gases, shelter and space.
These needs may often be met in a range of conditions. Too much may be as harmful as too little.

Numerous factors can strongly influence the life processes of organisms.
identify the basic needs of all living things.

distinguish between the needs of plants and animals.

explain that there is a specific range or continuum of conditions that will meet the needs of organisms.

explain how organisms obtain the materials that they need.