USII.3  U.S. History - 1877 to the Present - Activity Page
America Changes after the Civil War
Westward Expansion, Growth in Immigration, Cities, Big Business, Industry, Inventions. "Jim Crow" and Segregation, the Progressive Movement, Women's Suffrage, the Temperance Movement

Study USII.3a
 The Reasons for Westward Expansion

Study USII.3b
The Reasons for the Growth in Immigration, Cities, and New Challenges

Study USII.3c
Racial Segregation, "Jim Crow", and African Americans in the post-Reconstruction South

Study USII.3d
Growth of Big Business, Industry, and Migration from Farms to Cities

Study USII.3e
The Progressive Movement, Organized Labor, Women's Suffrage, and the Temperance Movement

Westward Expansion

America Changes

 Westward Expansion and Immigration
Fling Game
Westward Expansion, Urbanization, and Immigration
Self-check quiz


Immigration &
True/False Mini-quiz

Drag & Drop